Affiliated Awards

These awards are presented in conjunction with or during PNA events, but are not sponsored by the PNA.

Pennsylvania Bar Association Media Awards (formerly the William A. Schnader Print Media Awards)
PNA encourages its members to participate in this awards competition, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the national law firm of Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP. The William A. Schnader Print Media Awards were established to honor journalistic excellence in news or feature reporting and editorial and commentary writing about the legal system and its operations. The competition is designed to recognize journalists who, through their writing, foster greater public understanding of our legal system; inform and educate citizens as to the roles of society and the law, the courts, law enforcement agencies and the legal profession; and disclose practices or procedures needing correction or improvement so as to encourage and promote efforts to improve and modernize our laws, courts or law enforcement agencies statewide.  Award winners will be recognized during the PNA Foundation’s Newspaper of the Year Awards presentation at the Annual PNA Convention.


Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants Truth in Finances Award
The Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) wants to honor and support balanced reporting of financial issues that are relevant and useful to the community at large.  PICPA will recognize reporters whose skills identify, clarify, or expose the fiscal accountability of individuals, companies, or governmental agencies.  Stories to consider might involve: elder fraud and tips to protect senior citizens; illegal fundraising activities; embezzlement of assets in companies, churches, government agencies, or nonprofits; third-party collusion or insurance fraud, etc. Award winners will be recognized during the PNA Foundation’s Newspaper of the Year Awards presentation at the Annual PNA Convention

SPJ Keystone Pro Chapter’s 2018 Best in Journalism 
The statewide chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) annually conducts a contest recognizing excellence in journalism in 20 categories. The Keystone State SPJ Chapter’s most prestigious category, the Spotlight Award, is given to the journalist(s) whose published investigative story or series scooped other media and placed the public’s right to know in the public spotlight. PNA works in cooperation with SPJ leaders to allow the presentation of these awards during the Pennsylvania Press Conference, however, the PNA has no other involvement in these awards.

Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors annual newspaper contest
The Pennsylvania Associated Press Media Editors (PAPME) presents its annual awards during the Pennsylvania Press Conference, which is sponsored by PNA. Any questions regarding this awards program should be addressed to the Associated Press bureau in Philadelphia.


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