How to Join the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association

Eligibility for Membership

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association includes both voting and non-voting members. Voting members include newspapers and online publications that fulfill certain qualifications. Non-voting members include associate, affiliate, college newspapers, and college journalism departments that fulfill certain qualifications.

Minimum requirements for all membership stipulate that a publication must:

  • have been published continuously for six months (or is a successor of such a publication)
  • annually publish, verify and submit circulation figures
  • supply one copy of their printed edition to PNA's Clipping Service; 130 Main St.; Presque Isle, ME 04769
  • supply two copies of their printed edition to PNA: Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association; 3899 N. Front St.; Harrisburg, PA 17110

Not sure if you're eligible to become a member of PNA? Learn more about the qualifications for membership as outlined in our by-laws.

Benefits of Membership

Read our Member Benefits to learn what you can receive as a member of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association.

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