PA Open Government Tool Kit

Open Gov't Tool Kit StickerThe PNA Open Government Toolkit provides easily accessible information on Pennsylvania's Right To Know Law and Sunshine Act and is an excellent resource for newsrooms.

Developed by the PNA Legal
Team, the Toolkit provides detailed information on open records, open meetings, what's covered and what isn't.

The kit includes six FAQ pamphlets:

  • The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act: What it Says
  • The Pennsylvania Sunshine Act: Top 12 Questions
  • Pennsylvania Right To Know Law: Top 13 Questions
  • Pennsylvania Right To Know Law: Requesting Access
  • Pennsylvania Right To Know Law: Filing Appeals
  • Pennsylvania Right To Know Law: Exemptions 

It also includes information on objecting at meetings, PNA contacts, and a flashlight.

PNA expects to update the toolkit regularly and to add additional sections, including information about access to court records and proceedings.

Members can receive one complimentary copy (just pay shipping costs) by emailing the order form to Lisa Strohl or calling (717) 703-3062.

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