Legal Advertisments

Advertising Rates

The general rule regarding advertising rates is that all official and legal advertising shall be charged for at an established or declared rate. When there is no established rate, then the rate charged for official and legal advertising cannot exceed the normal rate charged for commercial, general or any other type of ads.

An exception to this rule is when official and legal advertising is usually published according to a prescribed form or classified under a general heading. If this is the case, it is permissible for newspapers to set rates for official and legal advertising regardless of the space required or rates charged for commercial, general or any other type of advertising. (45 Pa. C.S.A. § 303)

Establishment and Change of Advertising Rates

All newspapers are required to establish fixed rates for official and legal advertising. Newspapers are also required to provide (upon request) detailed schedules listing the rates and charges currently in effect. If the newspapers increase rates, they must provide notice of such increases. (45 Pa. C.S.A. § 304)

Taxable Charges

All charges, costs and expenses connected with legal and official advertising are taxable, collectible and payable just like other court costs and administrative expenses. (45 Pa. C.S.A. §305)

The following regulations apply to legal advertisements by the state government:

  • Location of Advertisements: All advertisements published by any officer of the Commonwealth must be pub­lished in the regular advertising columns of the newspaper only, not as display ads. (45 P.S. § 31)
  • Copy of Advertisement to Accompany Order for Publication: Officers furnishing a legal advertisement for publication must also supply an order giving the number of lines or space the advertisement takes up and the number of insertions required. (45 P.S. § 33)
  • Bill to be Accompanied by Order and Affidavit: The auditor general may not issue warrants to pay for any authorized advertise­ment unless the bill includes the written or printed order for publication, together with the affidavit of the editor or publisher of the newspaper publishing the advertisement affirming that it has been inserted as ordered. (45 P.S. § 34)
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