Bingo Advertising

Bingo (10 P.S. §§ 305(c)(4), 313)

Nonprofit charitable, religious, fraternal and veterans organizations, and clubs and civic and service associations are eligible to obtain licenses to conduct games of bingo. These organizations must have been in existence for at least one year prior to application for a license to conduct games of bingo.

Bingo advertisements must contain the following information:

  • Date of game
  • Time of game
  • Location of game
  • Name of the licensed association conducting game
  • Name of individual in charge of game
  • Whether cash or merchandise prizes will be awarded

Bingo advertisements may also contain:

  • Specific prize or dollar value
  • Guaranteed prize dollar value

Important: Only those associations who are licensed to conduct bingo games are permitted to advertise bingo. Advertisements paid by third-party bingo equipment suppliers are legal as long as the supplier does not receive a percentage of the game's income.

Small Games of Chance Advertising (10 P.S. §325)

Small games of chance include non-mechanical and non-electronic games such as punchboards, daily drawings, raffles and pull-tabs. Winning small games of chance must not be contingent upon the winning of any other contest or the occurrence of any other event (the individual piece must be determinant of whether the person wins or looses). Slot machines and video poker are not considered small games of chance.

Licensed, nonprofit associations (that meet the requirements listed above for bingo) may hold small games of chance. However, it is unlawful to advertise the prizes or their dollar value unless such an advertisement is in a publication limited in circulation to members of the organization holding the game, such as its trade publication.

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