Misconceptions about the Sunshine Act

The PNA legal department has addressed some of the most common misconceptions with regard to the Sunshine Act through its legal hotline. Below is an excerpt from our Misconceptions about the Sunshine Act guide. 

Misconceptions about the Sunshine Act abound

PNA's legal department receives hundreds of hotline calls each year about public access to government meetings and records. Every day a novel problem or question seems to arrive on our doorstep, thanks to the resourcefulness of reporters and the seemingly limitless imagination of public officials and gadflies. 
On the other hand, the legal department receives many hotline questions that are distressingly familiar, particularly with respect to the Sunshine Act. Some of the questions refer to technical requirements of the Act that are difficult to remember or understand. The repetitiveness of these questions is understandable; most reporters need not commit the Act's finer points to memory. 

Other questions reveal patterns of misconception about the Sunshine Act's basic requirements. Reporters who regularly cover local government meetings have probably encountered some or all of these misconceptions, some of which have become routine in certain quarters. 

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