Reporter's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government

The PNA Foundation thanks Marijon Shearer for creating this Reporter's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government for use by our members. Marijon most recently received her Master of Science in Communications/Journalism from Shippensburg University with the creation of this guide serving as her thesis project. Prior to studying at Shippensburg, Marijon was Shippensburg Bureau Chief for The Sentinel, Carlisle, as well as a reporter for The Patriot-News, Harrisburg.

According to Marijon, she wrote the guide "because no one had already written one and because Pennsylvania reporters need it. Without such a guide, I and other new reporters who came before me in Pennsylvania newsrooms had to collect the material contained in this website by our own effort, drawing on multiple sources over the months and years of our careers. We did it the hard way.  I wanted to make it easier for those who follow."

This guide should serve as a valuable tool for our PNA members. It should prove especially useful for reporters covering local government meetings who are struggling to understand the various aspects of city councils, townships, boroughs, school boards, taxation and other challenging topics.

Questions or concerns? Please contact PNA's Media Law Counsel at or (717) 703-3080.

Visit the Reporter's Guide to Pennsylvania Local Government.

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