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Winter 2016 Feature Article

New Year, New Strategies

As 2016 comes to a close, advertising directors and managers are planning for 2017. Planning for the new year involves reviewing budgets, examining this year’s projects, looking at successes and areas that need improvement, and dozens of other steps to be completely ready for the new year. We spoke with some Pennsylvania ad directors and managers to see what steps they are taking to prepare for the new year.

MARK ALTAVILLA, The Citizens’ Voice (Wilkes-Barre)
“We’re going back to basics, losing the gimmicks and getting the fundamentals down. We’re also reviewing this year’s special sections to see what was good and what wasn’t so good. If we decide to remove a special section, we always ask, ‘What can we do to offset the cost of removing the section?’ We don’t just look at our end-of-the-year numbers, we go month-by-month too. Really, we’re just going back to the basics and simplifying sales calls, getting people on the road selling as much as possible, and listening to what the clients are saying and hearing what they say.”

MARY ANNE RIZZO, The Tribune-Democrat (Johnstown)
“One of the first things we do is make sure our calendars are updated. Updating the calendar entails reviewing our special sections and removing the ones that didn’t work. We also plan for significant tabs that we work closely with the editorial department on, such as our inauguration tab and an opioid resource tab. Something else we’re planning to expand in 2017 is converting more of our special sections to a magazine. We did that with two of our special sections this year and people loved them. Our revenue grew substantially when we made the chang

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