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Spring 2017 Feature Article

Our Continuous Drive for Sales Excellence

By Bill Cotter
Senior Director of Advertising
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

After a very mild winter across the state, spring is officially here. What a great time to be a multi-media sales professional! Our business is constantly changing, and it is filled with daily challenges – but one thing is for certain, it is never boring!!

Seasons change, business changes, yet here are some tips for sales success that never change. 

8 Keys to Sales Success 

1. Utilize effective planning and time management. Those who fail to plan are planning to fail. Remain flexible as our business is constantly changing, but be disciplined, as it is key to successful time management.

2. Love what you do! Have a positive attitude EVERY DAY, and a strong desire to win! Be passionate about learning your products, our industry, and your marketplace. Demonstrate confidence, both internally and externally, with your customers and prospects.

3. Make prospecting a priority. Whether it’s cold calling in person, communication through email, social media, voicemail, or a combined approach of multiple touchpoints, prospecting will always be a key daily activity for all sales professionals. Be sure to fill your pipeline with numerous contacts - the more you have in your sales funnel, the more sales opportunities you have to make up for losses in revenue from the prior year.

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