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Summer 2016 Feature Article

Big Ideas that Generate Revenue and Results

Jason Taylor, President of GateHouse Western U.S. Publishing Division
and GateHouse LIVE, delivered an informative presentation that included details of many
revenue-generating ideas that have had proven success, and can be easily implemented at
any newspaper, during PNA’s 2016 America East Conference in Hershey.
Taylor emphasized, “These ideas are so simple, they seem so obvious – but few
newspapers are doing them.” He further stressed the importance of using creative and
imaginative thinking to identify opportunities in your local market, and investing the time
and talent necessary to deliver the best outcome.

Sticky notes digital bundle
• Include website homepage takeover, and mobile advertising, on the same day the sticky note
appears in print, to increase frequency of the message
• If you don’t have the equipment to produce a sticky note, run an image of a sticky note in the upper
right-hand corner of the front page

Annual calendar
• Sell a “premium edition” of the newspaper on Jan. 1 that includes the calendar
• Print calendar on glossy paper, and include community photos
• Sell page sponsorships to advertisers, and stress the high level of reader engagement, and long shelf life of the product

Puzzle book
• Aggregate puzzles from content providers to create a stand-alone puzzle book
• Print on newspaper
• Sell advertising sponsorships, such as a strip ad on each page, to medical-related
companies (doctors, health care systems, medical supply companies, etc.), and stress
the long shelf life of the product, and great reader engagement

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