Seminars on copyright law bring valuable manual to life

  • Aug 05, 2011

The PNA Foundation wants to help you protect and preserve the intellectual property rights of your newspaper and online material. A special manual of materials has been prepared by the Pittsburgh law firm Leech, Tishman, Fuscaldo & Lampl and was recently mailed to each member newspaper, compliments of the Foundation. The manual includes a detailed discussion of copyright, including how to protect your content, as well as an Executive Summary and a selection of sample forms. If you haven’t seen a copy of the booklet, be sure to check with your publisher or general manager who received a copy!

In conjunction with this valuable resource, attorneys Charles Kelly and Ryan Hemminger of Leech Tishman are going on the road. Seminars – at no cost to PNA members – will be offered in August and September in central, western and eastern Pennsylvania. They’ll explore and explain the finer points of copyright law.

Attend a seminar in a location convenient to you:

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