9/11 Coverage: The Legal Intelligencer (Philadelphia)

  • Sep 15, 2011

From Jaime L. Bochet, editor, magazines & supplements, The Legal Intelligencer:

View our full coverage, some of which was printed and some of which was online-only content.
The first item is a 6,000+ word story that we published, which took up most of our page space; it's a collection of stories from attorneys about where they were that day 10 years ago.
The second is a column by our Editor-in-Chief, Hank Grezlak, which also appeared in the print edition.
The third through sixth items are the remaining first-person stories that were sent in that we didn't have room to publish, so we split them up into a four-part series that complemented the printed story.
Finally, we also went back to our 2002 coverage of the first anniversary of Sept. 11, and included links to those stories as well.

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