CIVICSCIENCE launches new website for consumers and researchers

  • Sep 29, 2011 makes more than 100 million poll responses and apps available for free

Pittsburgh, PA – 9/27/11 – Digital polling company CIVICSCIENCE today announced the launch of, a new website where users can search the company’s massive repository of polling data, analyze real-time results, ask poll questions across their social networks, and track their voting history. With more than 100 million poll responses indexed and growing rapidly, the new site is designed to provide free, reliable insights to consumers, business leaders, and policy makers.

"It has always been our goal to make public opinion more accessible both to consumers and to the decision makers who rely on it," CIVICSCIENCE CEO John Dick said. "We hope that will become a go-to resource for people to inform their consumer decisions and educate themselves on public opinion. We also want to showcase the scope and breadth of the kinds of insights we can generate for advertisers, investment researchers, and political organizations."

The gateway to is a simple search box, where users can find poll results about hundreds of brands, celebrities, political figures, current events, policy issues, and over 9,000 other topics. Users can select relevant questions, see the results, and cross-tabulate those results against any other question in the library. Results specifically show users how they compare to others like them.

"We’re only showing raw un-weighted results numbers here," Mr. Dick said, "but with such large sample sizes, site users can use the cross-tabbing tools to understand the nature and extent of any biases in our population. Naturally, there is a lot more under the hood for our customers."

In addition to the response data, also allows site users to easily deliver poll questions to their networks on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media. Any question or result in the CIVICSCIENCE library can be forwarded with a simple click or users can write and share their own poll questions from scratch. No registration or log-in is required to use the tool.

"Whether you want to poll your friends about where to go for dinner Saturday night or ask your LinkedIn group how they feel about major industry news, this is by far the most lightweight, user friendly way to do it," Will Oberman, CIVICSCIENCE’s Chief Technology Officer, said.

Finally, at, people can access their entire voting history from polls answered directly on the site or across CIVICSCIENCE’s expansive network of polling widgets on third-party sites and social networks. Users can change previous answers, compare themselves to others, or opt out of having their responses stored altogether.

"Privacy and security are a huge part of the CIVICSCIENCE story," Dr. Lamar Pierce, a professor at the Olin Business School at Washington University of St. Louis and an advisor to the company, said. "They take industry leading strides to maintain user anonymity and allow people complete access and control over the opinions they share."

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