MANSI Media debuts Online Pennsylvania Network, powered by LocalYokel Media

  • Apr 12, 2012

Andrea Merovich

HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 12, 2012) — News organizations can easily bolster their online ad revenue through MANSI Media’s Online Pennsylvania Network, powered by LocalYokel Media (LYM) – the Internet’s first hyperlocal ad marketplace designed to act as a premium revenue partner for publishers. Studies show that 80% of local business transactions occur within 15 miles of consumers’ homes. LocalYokel Media focuses on those 15 miles.

MANSI Media is partnering with LocalYokel Media to help local news sites generate higher dollars to monetize their unused digital inventory. LYM matches news organizations and local advertisers with messages that resonate with their target audience. Unlike more automated third-party revenue options, LYM only delivers relevant local advertisers and premium revenue to publisher partners. Publishers are given full control over what ads run on your websites. This approach translates to an enhanced online revenue stream, with no surprises. 

News media organizations can earn higher online ad revenue and sell more ad impressions than ever before by taking advantage of MANSI Media’s Online Pennsylvania Network. MANSI Media is a national and online advertising placement service. The Pennsylvania Newspaper Association (PNA) formed the company to help simplify the newspaper placement process for clients and advertising agencies. The PNA, founded in 1925, is the nonprofit trade association for print and online media in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. More than 300 newspaper and media members, including daily, weekly, and college newspapers, and online publications are members. LocalYokel Media is an affiliate member of PNA.

For more information on how to join this network, call Candice Boldosser at (717) 703-3040 or email her at To sign up, visit

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