Questions for statewide or legislative candidates

  • Sep 27, 2012

Public Records
• Identify the steps you have personally taken to improve the Public’s Right-to-Know/Open Meetings/Public Records/Transparency in Government.

• Name any specific changes to Pennsylvania’s Right to Know Law that you favor and that you will actively pursue.

• Should names and addresses of candidates for employment at public governmental bodies be available to citizens? For instance, should applicant addresses for school superintendent positions and city manager positions and county public works director positions be open to the public?

• Do you believe that the public has the right to obtain police “incident reports” that include basic information about arrests and incidents in our communities?

• Should not-for-profit organizations in Pennsylvania that receive substantial amounts of public funds be subject to Pennsylvania’s Open Records Law?

•  When a police chief, superintendent of schools or city manager is dismissed from his or her job, should the reason for discharge be available to taxpayers?

• Will you oppose attempts to make it more difficult for citizens to access public records, such as additional exemptions, increased fees or further delays in access to records? Explain.

Public Notices
• Do you support newspaper publication of public notices? 

• Do you consider local government websites (standing alone) an adequate way to inform the public about what the municipality is planning?  What about a county or statewide government website? 

• Would you have concerns about the government controlling the entire process of public notification, with no independent verification or publication by a disinterested third party?

Public Meetings
• Should closed meetings of a public governmental body be required to be tape-recorded for future reference after the closed-meeting issue is resolved?

• Should minutes of closed meetings of a public governmental body be written to summarize the discussions that occurred in the closed meeting?

• Should a quorum of an agency be permitted to discuss issues that do not qualify for executive session behind closed doors?

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