Important message on Hurricane Sandy coverage

  • Oct 29, 2012

As the storm worsens, many communities have instituted curfews, and some roads have been closed. We have gotten a number of questions about newsgathering and newspaper delivery during the storm. You can find the PEMA policy relating to traveling on state roads during disasters here. (Please note: After clicking the link, select PEMA Directive 2008-01 "Movement Of Authorized Personnel On Commonwealth Highways During A Disaster.") As you’ll see, the policy considers those who are disseminating news to be providing critical emergency services. As you’ll also see, PEMA has urged local communities to adopt the same policy; we cannot say for sure that your community has done so.

Any reporter traveling on the roads today should, at a minimum, have the policy and media ID with him or her. A letter (similar to the one attached to the policy) is advisable as well. Carriers should, at a minimum, have a letter on company letterhead and photo ID. Please feel free to call Teri Henning at (717) 649-6498 or Melissa Melewsky at (717) 319-9816 if you have any questions or need any additional information. We hope that your staff members and businesses stay safe during the storm.

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