Convention 2012: Advertising, Media Usage and Public Notices in Pennsylvania

  • Nov 15, 2012

Jane Hungarter

American Opinion Research (AOR) recently completed a statewide study on media usage in Pennsylvania. The study included questions about newspaper readership, shopping habits and public notices. AOR’s CEO, Tony Casale, shared the results of the survey at PNA’s 88th Annual Convention in Scranton. Highlights from the survey include:


  • 83% of Pennsylvania adults read a newspaper, in print or online, in the past week.
  • 64% of Pennsylvania adults read a weekly or community newspaper.
  • 56% of Internet users in Pennsylvania visit a newspaper website during an average month.
  • Pennsylvania newspapers reach an average of about two adults per copy.
Shopping Habits

  • 52% of Pennsylvania adults who turn to any advertising for local sales and shopping information, say printed newspapers (Sunday, daily or weekly) are their main source of information. This ranks ahead of all other mediums, including billboards, cable, Internet, broadcast and radio.
  • 53% of those who made a purchase in the past week did so because of an ad they saw in a newspaper.
  • Newspapers are cited as the medium consumers would turn to first for advertising information about groceries, hardware and home improvement supplies, furniture and local entertainment and places to go.
 Public Notices

  • 87% of Pennsylvania adults say keeping the public informed through legal advertising is an important requirement for government agencies.
  • 78% of all adults think it is a worthwhile use of government funds.
  • 52% of Pennsylvania adults say they would read public notices less often if they were moved online.
  • More adults who have seen legal or public notice advertising prefer receiving them in a printed newspaper than by any other source, including in the mail or online.
  • Pennsylvania adults trust legal advertisements in newspapers more than those on government websites.

 The slideshow presentation can be found here.

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