Bartash Acquires New Imaging Solution for Publishing and Mailing Customers

  • Jan 09, 2014

Company purchases fleet of Videojet High Speed Imaging Systems supporting highest resolutions available

Linda Simon, president and owner of Bartash, Inc., proudly announced the acquisition of six new Videojet 4320 modular ink-jet addressing systems. These systems offer the highest speed and resolution for complete compliance with USPS automation mail flow. “Purchasing these digital addressing systems demonstrates our commitment to be the technology leader for today’s niche publishers. It’s more than just addressing; we can add maps, logos and color. All of this we find very exciting.”

The Videojet 4320 ink jet system has four operating modes, which provide a variety of print qualities and speeds. With expandable print head configurations from 2 to 8 inches, in 2 to 4 inch increments, the Videojet 4320 can print promotional messages, coupons, graphics and spot color as well as basic eight line addresses. It also allows for bitmap creation, storage and imaging of scanned graphics and logos. It can also over-print variable data on other kinds of materials. The print configuration of the Videojet 4320 can be changed or expanded at any time to run all kinds of jobs. This makes the system an ideal choice for Bartash.

These features and benefits are elements that John Grimaldi, post press manager at Bartash, is confident will augment Bartash’s current pressroom and post-press addressing capabilities. “The high print resolution of 600 dpi and the unique bulk-ink delivery system will offer our clients a superior finished product and help keep our consumable costs down.”

Used to print addresses in various fonts on to products such as postcards, mailers and envelopes, the Videojet 4320 Inkjet Addressing system is ideal for simplex name, address mailings and CBC barcodes for postage requirements. The ability of this equipment to create a variety of work opportunities is something Bartash Director of Sales, Eric Roberts, is very excited about. “As our publishing clients are incorporating custom data messaging and data management into their workflow, we needed an upgradable solution to help them monetize these initiatives through their printed products. The Videojet 4320’s proven technology will enable us to offer our clients customized addressing solutions to help them increase their revenues.”

Bartash, Inc. is a commercial cold-set web printer specializing in 1-to-full color printing, fulfillment and distribution, production consulting and internet publishing. Operating 24/7 with five press lines, digital prepress, full post-press including bindery and inserting, circulation and subscription management, Bartash has built a reputation for award winning service, quality and innovation. For more information, visit

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