Mediathon: What makes it work?

  • Aug 21, 2014

We asked The MediaThon's Dorian Benkoil to tell us more about the MediaThon, what makes it work, and how participants can join. Here's what he told us:

Why the MediaThon?

  • It's a great day of collaborative fun, channeling disruptive energy in positive ways. It sparks creativity. People come away smiling, with something tangible they've created, feeling energized and creatively stretched
  • Anyone who can do something media-related is a great team member. Just some examples: can you point a smartphone and shoot video? write some pithy copy? talk into a camera or microphone?  code? design? edit? shoot photos? use social media?
  • It's a chance to meet, and work with, new people, to get new contacts and ideas that can help you well into the future
  • It's a way to spread your work to a wider platform, and get helpful critiques of your work.
  • Our judges are leaders in their fields. Meet, greet, and gain. We'll have a panel discussion at the end of day. Then drinks!
  • It's a chance for the team you join to win $1,000! And tech books from O'Reilly, and cash cards, and other prizes.

Some of the past projects have included:

So, what could media about news be? 

Ultimately, that's up to you, and what you can get done in a day. But some ideas might be:

  • An app or social plugin that aggregates the best that news has to offer or organizes the news in new ways
  • A blog connecting the dots between your favorite news stories or categories across the web
  • A multi-media infographic explaining data in exciting, easily digestible ways
  • On-the-street interviews of people discussing news -- what they feel works, doesn't, love (or think could be improved) about newspapers, or the function news organizations served

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