What is MediaThon?

  • Aug 28, 2014

We've received a few questions about what is Mediathon and who should go. Let's actually start with who should go. Mediathon is not just an event for journalists or hackers. We need all sorts of people. We need photographers, writers, coders, designers, thinkers, organizers, marketers and sales folks.

And we don't just need people in the news media industry. Sell cars for a living? That's fine by us. Tend bars on the weekend, great! Each person will bring a unique set of skills to the group. Often, the most successful groups are those with a wide range of skills and backgrounds. What better way to increase your chance to win the $1,000 prize than to bring along friends from all different walks of life.

So what will this diverse, well-rounded group of skilled people be doing? Well, the day will start off with a few presenting their ideas to everyone. We’d love you to come along with your thoughts on how to make news better, but it’s certainly not a requirement. Participants will then break up into groups based on what idea they want to work on. You’ll have a few hours to put together something.

I know. “Something” isn’t exactly descriptive. But really, it can be anything. Past examples included websites, app mockups, APIs, marketing campaigns, video, news articles, and video games. It doesn’t even have to be a finished product (we only have a few hours after all), just something that can be presented to the group at the end of the day. Best of all, if yours is judged as the best, your team wins the big cash prize. And there’s a chance your idea might even get picked up for further development!

Mediathon isn’t just a competition; it’s also a networking event. You’ll get to meet dozens of other professionals, entrepreneurs, students, up and comers, veterans, and just plain interesting people. The cocktail hour (including free drinks) will give everyone a chance to talk about the day’s events and beyond.  Who knows? You might meet your next boss, employee, mentor or co-founder.

At its heart, Mediathon is about a day of creativity, friendly competition, and good company. You may not be an award-winning journalist or a Fortune 500 newspaper investor, but let’s face it, the news affects us all in our everyday lives. This is your chance to have a lasting impression on it. Come to Mediathon and inspire the news.

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