Pennsylvania’s Shield Law Protects Democracy, Ensures Freedom of the Press

  • Jan 22, 2015

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (January 22, 2015) — The Thirty-Fifth Statewide Investigating Grand Jury Report # 2 was released publicly today. Among other things, the grand jury, seated in Montgomery County and supervised by Judge William R. Carpenter, calls for a narrowing of the Pennsylvania Shield Law to “maintain an acceptable balance of competing interests…” The Grand Jury’s report was forwarded to both the Pennsylvania Senate and Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Journalists in Pennsylvania are protected by what is often referred to as the “Pennsylvania Shield Law.” 42 Pa.C.S.A. §5942. This law provides journalists with an absolute privilege against the compelled disclosure of confidential sources of information, whether from law enforcement agencies or private citizens. Under the Shield Law, reporters cannot be required to produce the names or identities of confidential informants, including documents that would reveal them.

One of the traits that makes American society among the greatest in the world is its freedom of speech and of the press. The free flow of information has long been recognized as one of the hallmarks of a free society, and is essential to the proper functioning of a free press and to our democracy. Journalists' ability to keep sources of information confidential is critical to this free flow of information, and the proposed exception would have a chilling effect on the ability of journalists to investigate matters involving the criminal justice system and much more.

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association and its members strongly oppose any attempt to narrow the Pennsylvania Shield Law.

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