PNA LaunchPad welcomes content monetization and social media marketing startup Laudd

  • Jun 04, 2015

Nikki Rhoads, communications director

lauddlogo_72The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association is pleased to welcome Laudd to its second group of PNA LaunchPad startups. PNA LaunchPad is a first-of-its-kind statewide pilot program connecting digital startups and local media companies.

Laudd enables digital publishers to simultaneously increase social traffic and subscription revenue, by giving users points for constructive actions such as subscribing or generating traffic from shared content. Users can redeem points for rewards offered by a network of publisher-approved websites, and non-subscribers can redeem points for premium content access.

“We are excited to welcome the newest PNA LaunchPad startup Laudd, a platform that offers novel content monetization solutions,” said Teri Henning, president of the PNA. “Pennsylvania, with more family owned news media companies than any other state in the country, is the ideal environment to match startups developing products for the industry with the companies who are willing and able to experiment with new technologies. Startups like Laudd benefit by finding customers to use and help further develop their products; the media companies benefit by finding new technologies and revenue streams to better position themselves for the future.” 

“The PNA has played a leading role in identifying and encouraging innovation in news media,” said Atul Tulshibagwale, founder and CEO of Laudd. “By endorsing Laudd they have recognized an indispensable service that publishers can leverage to engage their community and increase traffic and subscriptions.”

Laudd offers an out-of-the-box customizable solution for enabling premium content items within pages. In-page premium content ensures content discoverability from Google and Facebook and raises the user value perception of digital subscriptions. Laudd also enables users to earn points when content they share generates traffic back, and access the premium content with these points. Publishers can extend these out-of-the-box features to offer users points for other actions such as subscriptions. Laudd also offers a mechanism to define rewards and for users to redeem points for those rewards.

Laudd is led and backed by a successful Silicon Valley team and publishing industry insiders. Tulshibagwale is a serial entrepreneur and a recognized expert in digital identity and payments. To make your website Laudd-able, visit the Laudd website or contact

Laudd joins PNA LaunchPad startups FEM Inc., tapCLIQ, and Saambaa. Contact Matt Caylor at or (717) 703-3040 to connect with any of the PNA LaunchPad startups or find out more.

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