• Legal Hotline: Right to Know Law response extension

      • Dec 17, 2015
    Q: An agency requested an additional 30 days in which to respond to my Right to Know Law request. The agency’s estimated response date gives them 30 business days to produce a final response. I thought agencies were limited to 30 calendar days. Which is correct: 30 business or 30 calendar days for an agency time extension?
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  • Legal Hotline: Police video

      • Dec 10, 2015
    Q: Are police dash camera videos public records under the Right to Know Law? A: Yes, the Commonwealth Court has held that state police dash camera video is presumptively public under the Right to Know Law, subject to redaction.
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  • Legal Hotline: Budget copies

      • Dec 03, 2015
    Q: A borough in our coverage area gave public notice of its proposed budget, and when I asked for a copy, borough officials refused and said the public isn’t entitled to a copy. Borough officials said that I can look at a copy at the borough building during specific inspection times, but the hours are very limited. Can they do that? A: No. A proposed budget is a public record, and copies must be provided. Moreover, the proposed budget must be available for public inspection during the county’s normal business hours.
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