Webinar: 'Real World Sales Transformation: Driving Revenue in 2016'

  • May 18, 2016

NetNewsCheck will explore specific sales management strategies for competing more effectively in a digitally disrupted media environment during an upcoming webinar, Real-World Sales Transformation: Driving Revenue in 2016.

Set for May 24 at 2 p.m. ET, the webinar will examine the impact of escalating competition for local marketing and advertising dollars over the next five years and will look at how legacy media can maintain market share. It will also review a simple, proven strategy for helping traditional sales reps excel at selling digital marketing services. 

Speakers will include Stacey Sedbrook, SVP strategic sales consulting at BIA/Kelsey, who will size up the state of the local marketing and media environment and review best practices for tuning up sales operations for the future.  

David Little, VP media services at Comporium, a 100-year-old media company operating in 17 markets in the Southeastern U.S., will describe how his company blew past its 2015 revenue targets by adopting a simple, disciplined strategy of identifying gaps in prospects’ online marketing campaigns and then working with clients to fill them in.

George Leith, VP sales at Vendasta, will talk about new tools that have been developed to help traditional sales reps adopt the kinds of consultative approaches that do best in a digitally disruptive environment. 

Vendasta is sponsoring the Real-World Sales Transformation webinar. Register to attend here

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