Promotional Spotlight: The Record-Argus' Discover Northern Mercer County

  • Jul 14, 2017

To help attract visitors to its small community, and educate local residents about the area's history and upcoming events, The Record-Argus (Greenville) produces an annual publication, titled Discover Northern Mercer County. The latest edition focuses on interesting facts and urban legends related to Mercer County,including torpedo testing on Pymatuning Lake during WWII, the Underground Railroad that ran through the area, and locally produced TNT. Did you know that Mercer County is the birthplace of the parachute? It also features unique things to do that many people may not be aware of. The publication is popular with local advertisers who want to help promote the area in addition to highlighting their business. It is inserted into the newspaper,and is also distributed at 50 area locations, including the Chamber of Commerce, campgrounds,convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, the local hospital and library, and real estate offices. For more information, contact Jim Rust.

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