Promotional Spotlight: Newsies and LNP

  • Jul 28, 2017

'Newsies,' a popular musical based on the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899, has been playing this summer at The Fulton, Central Pennsylvania's premier regional theatre and
National Historic Landmark. To create a more newspaper related immersive experience for their patrons, The Fulton partnered with LNP (Lancaster). Theatre ushers dress as
Newsies and distribute two-section playbills, printed by LNP on newspaper stock, from their LNP branded news bags, to those in attendance. In the grand rotunda of the theatre, ten 5'x6' panels, produced by LNP, highlight both the history of newspaper, as well as a description of what the organization is today. Some of the messaging touches on the contentiousness of politics that has always existed, including how newspapers are always in the middle of fighting factions - yet remain dedicated to presenting a full and honest picture of the county and people they serve. When the show closes, the panels will be
repurposed for other events and organizations. For more information, contact Mary Lorson.

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