Welcome to PNA, Mark!

  • Oct 02, 2017

This week, Mark Cohen began his role as President of PNA, the PNA Foundation and MANSI Media. Cohen was formerly Publisher of the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio, and has brought his passion for the industry with him to Pennsylvania. Cohen believes that newspapers have a great story to tell, and wants to help tell that story in any way that he can. His goals for the PNA include increased advocacy and preservation of what the news media does, and finding new revenue sources.

Cohen feels that his greatest accomplishment thus far in his career does not reflect on a specific product, but on the growth of people. He is proud to say that he has helped those in the industry around him grow, while also benefiting from growth himself. When he is not at work, Cohen enjoys watching sports and spending his weekends unwinding by visiting restaurants and listening to a wide range of music. "One of the most important traits to have - something I've taught my two children - is being down to earth. It is important to be confident in and proud of yourself and your accomplishments, but staying humble and relating to others is key." Mark can be reached at (717) 703-3076 or by email.

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