'Pulse of America' research survey will help drive advertising sales for you

  • Nov 10, 2017

PNA has partnered with Pulse Research, an industry leader in market research, to do a comprehensive survey of our members' audiences.The Pulse of America survey captures shopping information and purchase intentions in over 600 business categories, along with details about consumers' media habits and public notice preferences.

Here's how it works:

  • Please run the provided print and digital ads , which
    incentivize responses via cash prizes, through the end of the
    year. You can link the digital ads to the Pulse Survey
    . A minimum of 300 statewide surveys must be
    completed in order for Pulse Research to generate a report.
  • When the survey results are released, your sales team will have
    current shopping information that can be effectively used in
    presentations to help local and regional businesses. PNA will
    utilize the data to develop customizable marketing materials,
    and our media placement arm, MANSI Media, will leverage the
    results for its presentations to regional and statewide accounts. 

The results of this research will be available to all PNA members in
early 2018. To learn more about the survey, click here. Download
the print and digital ads here

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