PNA announces staff changes

  • Jun 28, 2018

Staffing changes align with future needs and make us more efficient

We spent the first half of the year talking with and surveying many of our members to gain a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges that are a part of your day-to-day business. Based on your feedback, we re-examined the services that PNA currently offers, and identified some areas that could be expanded and strengthened to properly align with, and support, your needs. 

One of my objectives was to rethink the organization and pivot appropriately to meet our future needs. It all starts with people, and I believe we have upgraded. A few departures enabled us to rewire, rethink and align properly to improve the attitude and talent, while maintaining some of our rising stars. 

With our eyes firmly focused on helping you navigate this ever-changing environment, the culture change for us is more reflective toward membership needs.  We are focusing less on a staff of specialists and more on personnel who are all purpose, and willing to help out by crossing departments or affiliation lines. 

Matt Caylor named Director of Strategic ServicesMatt-1
Having served in a variety of positions at MANSI Media over the past 11 years – most recently as the Director of Interactive Advertising, Matt brings a fresh perspective and energy to this new role. He will oversee our website and social media presence, investigate grant opportunities for the news media industry, execute communication strategies for PNA events and provide branding support to all three PNA organizations. 

Matt’s inquisitiveness, strategic thinking and creativity will be well utilized in this position He will drill down to every facet of MANSI, the Foundation and PNA, and help on a multitude of fronts.

Zeddie Neidig joins PNA as Meetings and Events ManagerZeddie 
With a background rich in both meetings and events planning, along with newspaper sales leadership experience, Zeddie will lead the charge in soliciting vendors for PNA events, and will serve as the contact person for PNA’s new member event support initiative. She adds energy and fresh thinking, and won’t shy away from a challenge with her hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves approach. Zeddie is a doer who understands that our customer (you!) is the center of her universe. 

Mary Firestone appointed Meetings and Member Services Manager FirestoneMary
Mary’s ‘stickler for details’ attitude and friendly, easy-going manner are a natural fit for our membership point person. Her role as a PNA event manager is expanding to include proactive outreach to members, and new member acquisition. She’ll actively promote the benefits of PNA membership to ensure that all members are utilizing our services to the fullest potential. Mary will also initiate a series of department-specific listservs that will provide PNA members with a forum to communicate, engage and learn from one another.

Lisa Strohl moves into Media Services LisaS
Many of you may know Lisa from her role as the Executive Assistant at PNA, but what you may not know is that she is also the graphic designer behind our statewide advertising campaigns, attractive event materials and customizable marketing sheets. In this newly created role, Lisa will assume responsibility for all PNA graphic design projects and PNA publications including the directory, annual report, Headlines & Deadlines, and other newsletters. She has built a strong rapport with our members, and will continue to serve as the staff liaison to our Board of Directors. 

Denise Gower promoted to Digital Media Manager for MANSI MediaDenise G-New
Denise began her career at MANSI Media as an ad assistant in the tearsheet department 10 years ago. Since that time, she’s added digital planning and buying to her skillset recognizing that it’s a delicate balance of art, science and strategy. She’s adept at building plans that maximize impressions and budget, and reach the intended target audience. She closely monitors campaign performance, and is quick to adjust an reallocate when necessary to optimize performance and exceed client expectations.

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