Celebrating a W for Newspapers!

  • Aug 31, 2018

Pennsylvania newspaper members were heard loud and clear. Collectively, we rose upThank You August 2018 and we were heard. We have our challenges but the unjust newsprint tariffs had compelled us to band together and unite like never before. This was a united front. 
After a long, hard-fought battle, the International Trade Commission (ITC) reached a final, unanimous determination yesterday and reversed the harmful newsprint tariffs. The Department of Commerce recently upheld the tariffs and, though they revised them to slightly lower levels (but still as high as 20 percent), the tariffs would have been unsustainable for newspapers and other printers and publishers.
Thank you to you, our members, for supporting us in our fight against the tariffs. You answered our surveys on the impact of tariffs at your publications, ran the editorials and ads that we provided to you, shared the letters we prepared with your local, state and national representatives and readers, joined us for meetings with our state senators, and helped us march on Washington, D.C. in protest. 
This important victory belongs to us all. It’s further evidence of the power, passion and conviction of our collective newspaper team from across the Commonwealth. We are proud to be your state news media association, and pledge that we will continue to work tirelessly to protect the vital fourth estate.
As a recap, here is what we did together:

  • Participated in six phone conferences with both of our U.S. senators and several congressmen as well as the Canadian Consulate in Pittsburgh.
  • Met face to face with Senator Toomey’s state director. 
  • Participated in the march on Washington, D.C. in June to meet with state and national representatives.
  • Developed two surveys to better understand the impact that tariffs were having on newspapers in Pennsylvania and presented those surveys to Sen. Casey.
  • Casey passed those survey results directly to Secretary Ross and entered them as evidence for the ITC hearing
  • Released two original editorials that were published by many PNA members. 
    Provided a list of talking points about tariffs to use when speaking with local representatives.
  • Distributed two letter templates to facilitate member and reader correspondence with local representatives.
  • Shared tariff-related information from News Media Alliance, National Newspaper Association and STOPP.
  • Provided regular updates about the tariffs through targeted emails and Headlines & Deadlines.
  • The News Media Alliance recognized us as one of the most active newspaper states to fight the tariffs.
  • Worked diligently and tirelessly to defeat the insurmountable tariffs so quality journalism, the fourth estate and our First Amendment rights remain protected.

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