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  • Jan 25, 2012

Pulse Research Inc.

Pulse Research has released the results of the just concluded Quarter 4, 2011 Pulse of America readership and consumer shopping survey with almost 6,000 sample from all 50 states.

Even though general classified revenue has not fallen as sharply as real estate, automotive and recruitment over the last ten years, competitors like Craigslist have taken a significant share of private party transient advertising. For the quarterly results ending December 31 2011, the Pulse of America survey offers some very positive news for daily and weekly community newspaper publishers.

Classified ads deliver results: Of those who ran a newspaper classified ad, 76% stated they got results from their ad; 31% sold what they advertised and another 45% stated they got “many calls.”

Classified readership: Newspaper classified ads have high readership. 62% always or frequently read classified ads in the local newspaper.

Classified opportunity: 78% of newspaper readers and newspaper website visitors did not place a classified ad in their local newspaper in the last 12 months.

Real estate classified opportunity: Over 8% of newspaper readers and newspaper website visitors plan to rent a house in the next 12 months with another 5.2% planning on renting a new apartment. The rental market is strong compared to the still soft real estate market for purchasing a residence.

Craigslist is showing some softening: In the last 30 days, 78% of newspaper readers and newspaper website visitors did not respond to a Craigslist ad. In addition, 83% of newspaper readers and newspaper website visitors did not place an ad on Craigslist in the last 30 days.

Housing sector confidence improving: In the last 90 days, since the last Pulse of America survey, homeowner confidence that their home value will remain stable has increased 8%.

For a complete copy of the Pulse of America survey with over 120 readership and consumer shopping questions go to National and nine US regional area statistics are available. Business can get a copy of current quarter purchasing plans for over 462 business types and thousands of products and services. Quarterly trending is also available.

Pulse of America is an ongoing, quarterly publication readership and consumer shopping survey first launched in early 2008. Over 200 publications, corporate publishing groups and press associations participate in the quarterly Pulse of America survey. Pulse Research, founded in 1985 is the host and sponsor the Pulse of America.

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