MANSI Media launches mobile retargeting platform, Hatchback

  • Jan 10, 2014

HARRISBURG, Pa., Jan. 10, 2014 – MANSI Media, a newspaper and digital advertising placement service and subsidiary of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association, is proud to announce the launch of Hatchback, a mobile retargeting platform that gives newspaper advertisers the ability to target audiences through location-based contexts.

Hatchback is an opt-in product that connects to the existing apps of news media companies. It anonymously collects travel patterns, allowing advertisers to target audiences with offers based on where potential customers have been, where they are and where they may go next.

“Imagine giving news media companies the ability to tell a local restaurant client that they can send an offer for a free appetizer on their behalf to frequent restaurant visitors who typically pass by their establishment between 4:00 and 6:00 on a Friday evening,” said MANSI Media’s vice president of advertising, Lisa Knight. “The ability to offer deals based on location, time of day and behavioral patterns, is game-changing.”

“Not only does this technology allow news media companies to collect and use valuable data, it offers advertisers and consumers the ability to send and receive meaningful offers for products and services that are directly relevant and highly desirable,” said PNA president Teri Henning. “We are excited about the opportunities that Hatchback presents, for news media companies, advertisers, and consumers.”

To learn more about how your local content app can start using Hatchback to gain valuable insight about users and to grow revenue, contact Lisa Knight at or 717-703-3043.

MANSI Media is the for-profit subsidiary of the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association. Its mission is to promote, enhance and simplify placement of advertising into newspapers and other integrated media. The PNA, founded in 1925, is the nonprofit trade association for print and online media in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its mission is to advance the business interests of Pennsylvania news media companies and to promote a free and independent press. It has more than 300 newspaper and media members, including daily, weekly, and college newspapers and online publications.

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