You have a right to know what happens in your neighborhood before it happens. Tell your legislator not to take away your rights. Keep the public in public notices by keeping them in newspapers.

Public notices alert the public about government actions in their community.
What are public notices?

Public Notices are required legal advertisements placed in newspapers by the government, businesses, and individuals so that YOU know what’s going on in your community and have a chance to participate in a decision before it happens.

Some local government and school district representatives want to remove all public notices from newspapers and put them on a government-run website only. 

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Don't let these headlines be the first you hear

Headlines: Sports Program Cut, Property Taxes up 110%, Drilling Starts Tomorrow

Get the facts.

A 2016 study by American Opinion Research (AOR) reveals 89% of Pennsylvania adults say keeping the public informed through legal advertising is an important requirement for government agencies. Read more from the study.