Introduced Legislation

  • HB 1956 (Rep. Harper) -- PNA supports HB 1956. The bill would amend Title 53 to require public notice in a newspaper of general circulation prior to the sale or lease of water or sewer system. HB 1956 recognizes the critical role public notices play in community access to information and government accountability.
  • HB 1893 (Rep. Schemel) -- PNA opposes HB 1893. The bill would allow local governments to enter into intergovernmental cooperation agreements by resolution, rather than ordinance. HB 1893 would eliminate the public notice that alerts the community of a proposed public policy change with significant safety, administrative and fiscal implication.
  • HB 1268 (Rep. Schreiber) --  PNA opposes HB 1268. The bill would allow government agencies to place public notices on their own “notice websites” instead of newspapers of general circulation.

  • HB 1119 (Rep. Phillips-Hill) -- PNA opposes HB 1119. The bill would amend the Pennsylvania School Code to permit school districts to apply for waivers of certain state-mandated requirements. Among the waivers permitted by HB 1119 is the removal of public notices from newspapers of general circulation, instead permitting public notices to be placed on a school district's publicly accessible Internet website.

PNA Commentary

  • Q and A about HB 1119
    PDF, 248.68 KB
  • PNA letter opposition HB 1119
    PDF, 40.67 KB
    June 12, 2015 opposition letter to House Education Committee
  • Oct. 2013 opposition letter to Senate Local Government Committee
    PDF, 116.78 KB
    Letter to Senate Local Government Committee about Senate Bill 733.
  • Chair Harper letter on shoppers
    PDF, 150.38 KB
    March 7, 2013 letter to House Local Government Committee about public notices in shoppers
  • Chair Clymer mandate waiver letter
    PDF, 824.75 KB
    March 12, 2013 letter to House Education Committee about Mandate Waiver program