Introduced Legislation

  • Senate Bill 745 (Sen. Eichelberger) - creates a statewide website for public notices and removes them from newspapers of general circulation. PNA opposes the bill.

  • House Bills 479, 480 and 481 (Rep. Schemel) - allow local agencies to enter into intergovernmental cooperation agreements or delegate any of their functions to other local governments, authorities or agencies, without public notice. The bills impact public access by allowing local governments to agree or delegate by resolution, which does not require advance public notice. Current law allows these types of actions to take place, but only upon the passage of an ordinance, which requires advance public notice. PNA opposes these bills. 
  • House Bill 99 (Rep. Zimmerman) - expands a borough's ability to bypass current bidding and public notice requirements "for emergencies,”. As the bill stands, councils would be required to state in a resolution the actual emergency and the nature of their procurement at the next public meeting. PNA opposes the bill in its current form. 

  • House Bill 477 (Rep. Harper) - requires a publicly advertised meeting prior to the sale or lease of a sewer or water system by a municipality. PNA supports this bill.  

  • House Bills 1573, 1574 and 1575 (Rep. Harper) - relates to public notices of local government audits. PNA supports these bills.