Take action

Keep public notices in newspapers so they remain public. Ask your legislator to vote "no" on any legislation that takes public notices out of newspapers!

Step 1: Find your legislator at the Pennsylvania General Assembly's legislator search. Type in your address to find your Representative and Senator

Step 2: Become informed. Gather the facts here

Step 3: Contact your legislator

  • Option 1: Ask your legislator to vote "NO" on any bill that takes public notices out of the newspaper.
  • Option 2: Contact your legislator asking them to vote "NO" and provide them with the facts. (A sample letter is provided below)


Dear Senator/Representative ______:

As a citizen of this Commonwealth and your constituent, I respectfully request that you vote "NO" on any bill that would remove public notices from newspapers. Senate Bill 745 proposes eliminating public notices from newspapers by permitting municipalities to post notices on a government-run website. This would obstruct the public's ability to know what government is planning, eliminate the ability of citizens to participate in the democratic process, and undermine transparency in government. Without access to information about what's being planned before it happens-which is what legal notices provide- my ability to participate in the process is substantially reduced.

Please note that a high percentage of Pennsylvanians are not on the Internet and have no access to any postings on any websites. Newspapers are an inexpensive means of keeping the public informed. They are independent of government, and not subject to hackers, computer viruses, or Internet disruptions.

The proposed legislation ignores the fact that for years, newspapers have been uploading public notices to a statewide, searchable database, www.publicnoticepa.com, at no additional charge to government or taxpayers. A free searchable database of public notices is already in place for those who want to view public notices online, and it doesn't cost taxpayers a thing. 

Please vote "NO" on any legislation that would remove public notices from newspapers.


Citizen's Name