Ad Placement


  • Pennsylvania Statewide Classified Advertising Network (PennSCAN) - The classifieds are the most read section of any newspaper. MANSI media can help you get your message in front of 1.6 million readers and leave money in your advertising pocket. Visit MANSI Media's Statewide Classified Advertising page for more information.
    To download PennScan ads, see our PennSCAN Advertising Page.
  • 2x2 Statewide Network - MANSI Media can place your 2 column x 2” ad (business card size) in over 130 participating newspapers within the state of Pennsylvania. Visit MANSI Media's 2x2 Statewide Network page to learn how to place your 2 column x 2" ad.
  • Online Advertising - The online newspaper audience continues to grow. Helping you place ads on a newspaper website is part of what MANSI Media does. Learn about newspapers online to begin your journey in online advertising.

Advertising in PNA Publications

PNA offers many options for advertising within publications that are sent to members and the public. Headlines & Deadlines is a weekly newsletter sent as a member benefit to thousands of inboxes. The Pennsylvania News Media Directory contains a list of all member newspapers which is shared with hundreds of members and agencies. Contact our communications manager ( to explore advertising options in PNA publications.

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