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City Life Reporter, Philadelphia Media Network

Posted:Aug 16, 2017


Philadelphia Media Network

We’re searching for an enthusiastic and adventurous journalist to help Philadelphians make the most of the city and region. The scope is broad. You’ll touch on everything from the arts, to food, to retail, to the outdoors and more. But the approach is focused. This is digital-first service journalism. Where are the best dog parks? Where can you cool down in the summer without a private swim club membership? How can you navigate the city by bus, for free?

This is a fast-paced job that will routinely take you out of the office, and to all corners of Philadelphia and its suburbs. Applicants should have a handle on SEO and be adept at telling stories in multiple forms. Candidates should have fresh ideas and a knack for framing stories that compel readers to take a closer look. We expect candidates that write with verve and confidence. Our readers will want to know what you think is hot, what’s not, and why. New Philadelphians will look to you as the city’s premier tour guide. Longstanding residents will appreciate how you help them understand the region more deeply. Everyone will consider you a definitive voice when the question is: What are we doing this weekend? Learn more here.

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