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Modern Life Reporter, Philadelphia Media Network

Posted:Aug 16, 2017


Philadelphia Media Network

We’re seeking journalists with great range and deep interest in contemporary culture and social dynamics to join a new team that explores how we live, work and talk to each other. This team isn’t just for news writers, or for features writers. We want journalists who do their best work straddling those lines, the sort of writer who might thoughtfully explore Philadelphia’s outlaw ATV culture, or bring an equally deft touch to the debates over speech on college campuses and the politics of the office refrigerator. We want stories that examine parenting, divorce, dating and life at home. We’re interested in the culture of cubicles, the factory line, the sales floor, and the other side of the counter at Dunkin’ Donuts.

The ideal candidates will have proven reporting chops, a distinctive voice, and a clear sense of how best to find and frame stories that consistently connect with readers. We aspire to cover both what everyone is talking about and what nobody wants to confront, and that demands writers who know how to spot trends and identify fascinating stories. Strong writing is essential, as is the flexibility to move comfortably between writing modes. On this team, you’ll analyze, aggregate, use narrative, first person, write short, write long, take a point of view, employ data and more. Learn more here.

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