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PNA LaunchPad is the first statewide pilot program connecting early stage digital companies and local media companies.  Through LaunchPad, media-related startups can connect with customers and media companies benefit from new technologies and revenue streams to better position themselves in the future.

Meet the PNA Launch Participants:

logo for Talk Local 

With the TalkLocal widget, which is about the size of an ad spot, newspaper publishers can generate pay-per-conversation revenue from local businesses. The widget lets readers submit service requests through their favorite new sites and get a phone call from a top-matching business in 1-3 minutes nationwide. 

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HubCiti is a newspaper-branded mobile revenue platform and app that complements your current print and online strategies.  The HubCiti app solution does this by delivering news the way readers want to read it, with the flexibility to include items that are directly relevant to their communities: marketplace directories, local event listings, guides, and deals/specials. 

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Clixie transforms video into an interactive experience, and it makes programmatic ads more effective. Users have become as blind to videos serving pop-up ads as they are to banner blindness on static pages. Clixie cures banner blindness by unobtrusively displaying ads or related content (we call them “Clixies”) at the precise moment when a user’s interest has been triggered—increasing CTR by 500%. Psychology finally meets technology. Clixie provides a suite of patent-pending SaaS interactive software tools in a simple, fast and easy to use way; that provides unique features and functionality for our clients to increase monetization, social media distribution and engagement for their viewers. 

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Friends2Follow helps newspapers and broadcasters monetize their advertisers’ social media with a turnkey, white label “widget” on their web pages. This gives advertisers a social media “megaphone” to the vast audience media sites attract. 

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At its core, Laudd’s cloud-based service enables publishers to securely manage user loyalty points for various user actions in a network of authorized websites. Laudd offers conveniences such as a fully-customizable social sharing toolbar that enables users to share articles on popular social networks, and earn points for unique visits generated by that shared article; or in-page premium items that ensure content discover-ability from Facebook or Google, but provide a strong incentive for users to either subscribe or use points to access.

Using Laudd, publishers can securely deposit points in user accounts for certain actions such as a monthly login or subscribing. Publishers can define custom rewards and enable users to redeem points for those rewards. The transparency, verifiability and security offered by Laudd enables publishers to offer meaningful points and rewards system that operates in the natural flow of user actions. Laudd is led and backed by a successful Silicon Valley team and publishing industry insiders.

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Saambaa is venture-funded by the Knight Foundation and works with companies like Hearst, Tribune and Scripps to transform their local entertainment content (fun stuff to do) into an engaging, branded mobile app that’s laser-focused on generating additional revenue while growing their presence with a younger audience.
Saambaa’s unique platform is plug-n-play and has no fees (only rev share).  Apple even featured one of Saambaa’s apps on the front page of the App Store due to their innovative technology approach.

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tapCLIQ is a SaaS based mobile relationship management and advertising solution enabling mobile apps and websites to engage and understand their audience by utilizing cognitive OPINION-based engagement, in-app marketing, in-app support, feedback, smart push notifications and advertising combined with sophisticated targeting.  Through tapCLIQ’s OPINION-based engagement they create a rich data layer by learning a user’s intent through OPINIONs.  This enables them to activate relevant content and serve engagement at the right moment.

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Prizma is a video engagement platform that connects website viewers to the videos most relevant to them. It is the easiest way to expand your sites’ programming and monetization with Reuters News videos (U.S., World, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Celebrity, Technology, Science and Human Interest). Videos are auto-curated and can either be viewed via Prizma's video player or your own video player. 

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If you are interested in joining LaunchPad as a technology partner or have any questions on the program  please contact Matt Caylor at

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