PNA LaunchPad

PNA LaunchPad is the first statewide pilot program connecting early stage digital startups and local media companies.  Through LaunchPad, media-related startups can connect with customers by offering free or reduced-fee products for some period of time, and media companies benefit from new technologies and revenue streams to better position themselves for the future.  Pennsylvania is the perfect environment for the LaunchPad, with more family-owned newspapers (who are willing and able to experiment) than any other state in the country!
If you are interested in joining LaunchPad as a startup, please fill out the form on the right. If you have any questions, please contact us at Matt Caylor at

Pitch your technology in 350 words or less
Explain why your project is a good fit for the news media industry. What problem in the news media industry can your technology address? Please include specifics on how the partnership can benefit the news industry or media companies.
Please describe what you are prepared to offer news media companies. For example, a free pilot, reduced rate on products or services, revenue share, etc.
Supporting Documents
Please submit any supporting documents including powerpoint presentation, resumes, references, company logo, etc. (Upload limit is 1 GB)
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