Introducing PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania

PNA has now launched PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania, providing you with a more functional and robust press release distribution service. PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania offers you press releases that incorporate photos, video, audio, documents and web pages. With the new service, you can now create a multimedia and multifaceted press release.

Additionally, customers are now able to send press releases to broadcasters within Pennsylvania, as well as send releases to contacts across the country. Every release will be accessible to social media platforms, as well as Google News, MSN News and Yahoo! News.

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Two Options – Which should you choose?

• Marketing Release
If you have a product or service you wish to promote, choosing a Marketing Release is probably your best option. A marketing release is an online-only release. It is submitted to Google News, Yahoo and Bing, and is searchable. This release is perfect for social media sharing.

• Press Release
Is your business breaking ground on a new facility, or have you named a new CEO? The Press Release option is perfect for those news-worthy events that editors will take note of. In addition to including all the features of the marketing release, your press release will also be distributed to the media organizations in the state(s) of your choice.

With each option, you can add a boilerplate statement, website links, logos, and images. You can also include links to video and pdfs and share your release through social media.

New Cost-Effective Pricing!
A one-time marketing release is $119 and includes online distribution. A one-time press release is $149 and includes online distribution, as well as distribution to media organizations in one participating state.

Subscription Plans
Are you planning to send out multiple press releases over the next six months? The new subscription plans offer even more affordability, decreasing the average cost of each press release. You can choose plans for 6, 18 or 36 press releases and either prepay or pay monthly.

Release Management

Not only does PR MediaRelease offer press release distribution, but the service now allows you to create and manage your press releases through a personal login. You can easily save, edit and review drafts of multiple press and marketing releases, allowing you to refine and perfect your message before distributing.

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