Introducing PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania

The Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association has teamed up with PressFuture LLC to launch PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania, providing you with a more functional and robust press release distribution service. PR MediaRelease Pennsylvania offers you an Intermedia Press Release (IPR) that incorporates photos, video, audio, documents and web pages, along with multilingual content. With the new service, you can now create a multimedia, multilingual and multifaceted press release.

Additionally, customers are now able to send press releases to broadcasters within Pennsylvania, as well as send releases to contacts across the country. Every release will be accessible to social media platforms, as well as Google News, MSN News and Yahoo! News.

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Send a press release in three easy steps:

Step 1: Product Selection (Choose what type of release to send)

  • Text Release (base price $99)
    An affordable option for you to express breaking news, thoughts and opinions with full integration into social media
  • Press Release (base price $149)
    Includes all of the options included with a text release PLUS a responsive image gallery, embedded video, file attachments and more!
  • Video Release (base price $259)
    Embed, upload or record a video release. Includes instant podcast creation, analytics and QR code generation
  • Broadcast Release (base price $399)
    Live video broadcasting, mobile-to-mobile viewing and more!

Step 2: Product Distribution (Choose who to send your release to)

  • Pennsylvania
    -Statewide distributionAll newspaper and media outlets (add $100)
    -Pennsylvania regions – Eastern PA (add $60); Central PA (add $60); Western PA (add $60)
  • Regional
    Choose to distribute to 8 different regions – Southeast (add $450), Mid-Atlantic (add $450), Great Lakes (add $400), New England (add $300), Plains (add $350), Southwest (add $350), Rocky Mountain (add $350), Far West (add $450)
  • National
    Distribute your release nationwide (add $600)

Step 3: Enhancements (Multilingual and Multimedia Enhancement Options)

  • Add additional media to your release, rush distribution (2 hours), translation services, and more.

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