Act 48 Credits

In the PNA Foundation's approval are guidelines that must be followed. Each professional education experience:

  1. Is related to attainment of the Pennsylvania academic standards and high quality instruction.
  2. Is planned in response to a need of the school entity and its professional employees, which has been identified for a target audience.
  3. Has clear and concise written content and skill-based competencies.
  4. Includes content and instructional methods that are appropriate for the intended competencies to be mastered.
  5. Is planned and conducted by personnel who have an academic degree or other education and experience appropriate to the subject matter being taught.
  6. Is research-based, data-driven and contributes to measurable increases in student achievement.
  7. Provides sufficient support and resources over time to enable individuals to master new skills.
  8. Contributes to building learning communities and continuous improvement.
  9. Requires that participants demonstrate attainment of the competencies.
  10. Is evaluated by the participants.

For the most ease in submitting your hours for Act 48 credits, we recommend that you complete and send the this Excel sheet (please be sure to "enable the macros" on this spreadsheet) to Teresa Shaak at, or create your own excel sheet with all of the following info included:

  • First, Middle and Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Home Address
  • School
  • School Address
  • Principal or Superintendent’s Name
  • Workshop Attended
  • Sponsor of Workshop
  • Host of Workshop
  • Presenter(s)
  • Date of Workshop
  • Hours Attended
  • Number of Hours Attended
Please follow these guidelines when planning your teacher workshops that offer Act 48 credit hours. If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at (717) 703-3003.
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