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Media Law

Media law is an interesting and always-timely topic, with issues including access to records, meetings and courts, fair advertising, internet law, copyright, the role of a free press, and much more. To have Media Law Counsel Melissa Melewsky speak to your group, please contact 

Melissa-MMelissa is Media Law Counsel for PNA. She addresses a wide variety of media law issues for PNA members including access to government records and meetings, pre-publication review, newsgathering and First Amendment concerns, intellectual property rights and more.



News media properties, both in print and digital, reach more people today than ever before. It is important to show advertisers the value of this combined audience. To have Vice President of Advertising Lisa Knight speak with your group about advertising topics, please contact

Lisa KnightLisa Knight is Vice President, Advertising for MANSI Media. In this role she is responsible for revenue generation and management of the sales and media buying teams at MANSI Media.  With over 20 years of industry experience, Lisa began her career working in advertising sales departments at newspapers.  She joined MANSI Media as a media buyer in 1997 and moved to sales shortly after, working as an Account Executive, Sales Manager and VP.

Digital Media

Video, social, mobile -- if it's on a screen, it's digital. News has evolved with the technology and many organizations have embraced the changes. To have Director of Interactive and Digital Media Matt Caylor discuss the impacts of technology on the sales floor, please contact

Matthew CaylorMatt Caylor is the Director of Interactive Media at MANSI Media. Caylor has a broad knowledge of the digital sales environment, with a specialization in local interactive opportunities. He manages the development of a premium news media-based network, working across both the traditional desktop and mobile space.  During this time he has spearheaded the launch into new technology, developed alternative markets and improved education on both the advertiser and agency side. 



Events are a lucrative and creative way to generate revenue for your organization, but it's not an easy process. If you'd like to learn more about what it takes to host a successful event, please contact VP of Association Services Tricia Greyshock at​

Greyshock-Tricia-2012-(prof)Tricia is Vice President, Association Services for PNA. 

Tricia is responsible for the planning and execution of the Association's various offsite conferences and meetings, including the nationally-recognized regional newspaper trade show, America East.  In addition, she oversees the membership services and communications departments at PNA and is involved in marketing and industry promotion efforts as well.



Pennsylvania news media organizations promote their products, services and brand messages through a variety of platforms. They host events, sponsor contests, and more. To have Director of Marketing Jane Hungarter speak to your group about marketing, please contact

Jane Huntgarter

Jane Hungarter is the Director of Marketing at PNA. With an extensive background in strategic media and marketing planning, she uses research information to develop educational materials that highlight the strengths of the news media industry. She works to promote the breadth of newspaper readership, and the benefits of newspaper advertising.


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What we've been told...

  • "Presented incredibly current information that we should all know and have period."
  • "Important information delivered in an easy to understand style."
  • "Invaluable information for our fast-paced news gathering business."
  • "A good refresher for some of what we already know and sometimes forget, and some new info on how the internet has impacted the law."
  • "Matt was super knowledgeable. He presented in a way that was understandable for those of us not familiar with the technical jargon. His personality and enthusiasm was a bonus. Wasn't stuffy or boring. He was receptive to questions and answered everything thoroughly. Offered suggestions and insight."
  • "I found the information was important for my job. I enjoyed when Melissa Melewsky offered examples of real-life cases, I thought the presenters knew the material well."


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