Pennsylvania Press Passes

All media personnel who work or freelance for PNA member newspapers are eligible to apply for a Press Pass.

Offered by the PNA, a Pennsylvania Press Pass helps you gain access to accident and incident scenes. While a Press Pass is not a government ID, it has been widely publicized to law enforcement agencies as a way to help police and other emergency personnel quickly identify and verify media personnel.

Please note, applications cannot be processed without completed and signed applications, submitted photos and payment. Allow up to three weeks for application to be processed. 

This year, we continue to offer a school-year press pass for college students at a discounted rate. Download the College Press Pass Form.  

Contact our communications coordinator or call (717) 703-3071 with questions or concerns.


Verify Press Credentials

Below is a list of reporters with Press Passes from the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association for 2015.

Ms. Heather AdamsPike County DispatchMilfordPA
Mr. Wade AikenThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. William K. AlbrightThe SentinelLock HavenPA
Mr. Joe ArcidiaconoNews of Delaware CountyHolmesPA
Ms. Jodi ArthurBucks County HeraldLahaskaPA
Ms. Jacqueline Arzt-LarmaAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Joseph BallAdvertising/Communications Times Inc.Bala CynwydPA
Ms. Sandy BallAdvertising/Communications Times Inc.Bala CynwydPA
Mr. Paul BarkerTheBurgHarrisburgPA
Mr. Ken BaumelPike County DispatchMilfordPA
Mr. John H. BealeAssociated PressUniversity ParkPA
Mr. Lawrance BindaTheBurgHarrisburgPA
Mr. David BjorkgrenNews of Delaware CountyHolmesPA
Mr. John R. BlockPittsburgh Post-GazettePittsburghPA
Ms. Ruth BogdanThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. Bradley C. BowerAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Buffie BoyerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Jay BradishThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Julianne CahillThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Amanda CaldwellThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. David CampbellBucks County HeraldLahaskaPA
Mr. Joe CannonThe County ObserverLewistownPA
Mr. Sean CarlinAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Brian CarsonThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Pilar CasiAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Kelly ChandlerTown and CountryPennsburgPA
Mr. Greg ClarkThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. Andy CloseThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Catharine ConnorPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Brian D. CoxThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Jeff CoxPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. T.A. CrerandPike County DispatchMilfordPA
Mr. Richard L. CroweDelaware County News NetworkHolmesPA
Ms. Elena CruzAdvertising/Communications Times Inc.Bala CynwydPA
Ms. Maryclaire DaleAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Alex DavisThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Kate Day SagerThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Lynn DearyPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. Peg DeGrassaDelaware County News NetworkHolmesPA
Mr. Colin T. DeppenThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Kathryn DiVirgiliusThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Frank DonatoNews of Delaware CountyHolmesPA
Mr. Kyle DubenskyPike County DispatchMilfordPA
Mr. Robert DudleyMontgomery Media NetworkLansdalePA
Ms. Ruth EddyThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Justin EgerMainline NewspapersEbensburgPA
Mr. Andy ElderThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Bob M. EspositoTown and CountryPennsburgPA
Mr. Eric FailingPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Jeff FishbeinThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Peter FitzpatrickAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Liz ForrestMilfordnow.comMilfordPA
Mr. Brian FronkMainline NewspapersEbensburgPA
Ms. Ana GamboaAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Allison GarverMainline NewspapersEbensburgPA
Mr. Jeffrey M. GoldbergAdvance of Bucks CountyLansdalePA
Ms. Tabitha GoodlingThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Jason GottesmanPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Hernan GuaracaoAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Jake HallmanTown and CountryPennsburgPA
Ms. Deborah HannonPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Kevin HardyThe Times NewsLehightonPA
Mr. Todd HeintzelmanThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Ellisith HenryPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. Kim HessPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Matthew HessPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Mike HowellsPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Christopher JonesPike County DispatchMilfordPA
Mr. Frank JostThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mrs. Natalie KennedyThe Wellsboro GazetteWellsboroPA
Mr. Zachary KneppThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Alanna KollPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Brad KreitzerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Chelsea LaBarThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Luke LantzyMainline NewspapersEbensburgPA
Ms. Nina LehrPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Mr. Thomas LinemanJuniata NewsPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Bobbi LinemanJuniata NewsPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Becky LockThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Francie LongThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Virginia LucyPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Kayla MabePennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. Samantha MaderaAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Steve ManuelThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Max MarinAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. David MartensThe York DispatchSeattleWA
Ms. Kathy MathesonAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Tim McBrideThe Wellsboro GazetteWellsboroPA
Mr. Thomas MihalekAssociated PressCollingswoodNJ
Mr. Trevor MonkPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. Jane C. MortThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Geoff MulvihillAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Anne S. NeborakDelaware County News NetworkHolmesPA
Ms. Amanda NicholsThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Robin PalmerThe Wellsboro GazetteWellsboroPA
Ms. Margaret ParsonsPennsylvania Legislative ServicesHarrisburgPA
Ms. Mary Margaret PechtThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Christina PerrymanSpringfield PressHolmesPA
Mr. Jacob PerrymanThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Christopher PostAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Chris PostLehigh Valley Media Group/The Express-TimesEastonPA
Mr. Jason PrzybycienThe Wellsboro GazetteWellsboroPA
Mr. Gene PuskarAssociated PressPittsburghPA
Mr. Harold RakerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Vince RodemerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Larry J. RoederTown and CountryPennsburgPA
Ms. Betty Lou RoselleDelaware County News NetworkHolmesPA
Ms. Yelane RosenbaumAdvertising/Communications Times Inc.Bala CynwydPA
Mr. Jeffrey B. RothDillsburg BannerDillsburgPA
Mr. Matthew RourkeAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Margie RoyalDelaware County News NetworkHolmesPA
Mr. Michael RubinkamAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. John H. SatterwhiteThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. Kiernan SchalkThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Marcie SchellhammerThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. Bradley SchlegelThe ReporterLansdalePA
Mr. Mike SchreiberThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Mr. Christopher ShannonThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Tim ShumakerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Mike SisakAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Matt SlocumAssociated PressPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Kevin L. SmithThe Potter Leader-EnterpriseCoudersportPA
Mr. Keith SrakocicAssociated PressPittsburghPA
Ms. Kelly StemcoskyThe Potter Leader-EnterpriseCoudersportPA
Mr. Matt StrickerThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. David SullensTioga Publishing CompanyWellsboroPA
Ms. Lucia TejoAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Ms. Monica ThomasThe Potter Leader-EnterpriseCoudersportPA
Mr. John ThomasThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Kevin T. TustinNews of Delaware CountyHolmesPA
Mr. Arturo VarelaAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Yesid VargasAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. Joe VinelliThe Bradford EraBradfordPA
Ms. Sabrina VourvouliasAL DIAPhiladelphiaPA
Mr. David WarnerPennLive/The Patriot-NewsMechanicsburgPA
Mr. Jeffrey K. WernerAdvance of Bucks CountyLansdalePA
Ms. Sarah WhiteselThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Ray WildeThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Bridget WingertBucks County HeraldLahaskaPA
Ms. Amy A. WinnemoreNews of Delaware CountyHolmesPA
Mr. Joshua YoderThe SentinelLewistownPA
Mr. Larry YohnThe SentinelLewistownPA
Ms. Regina YoungBucks County HeraldLahaskaPA
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