The Big Book of Events

As news media companies across Pennsylvania identify new opportunities to generate revenue for their organizations, many have found success by organizing marketing events in their local communities. Read about the different types of events launched by some of PNA’s members, and follow the step-by-step guide to assist you in coordinating your own event.  

The Big Book of Growing Audience

Newspapers in PA are growing their audiences across print and digital platforms through a series of incentives, promotions and strategies. Read about the various initiatives implemented by some of PNA’s members, and learn new ways in which your newspaper can increase its readership base.

The Big Book of Special Sections 

Special sections have been a successful revenue-generating tool for news media organizations. Popular themes, including home improvement and holiday issues, continue to be reader favorites. Many newspapers in Pennsylvania have become even more creative in developing original topics of local interest that resonate within their communities, such as a Tomato Festival Guide, Hometown Scramble, and a publication dedicated to local beers.

The Big Book of Industry Promotion

Pennsylvania news media organizations promote their products, services and brand messages through a variety of platforms, including advertising, marketing partnerships, events, community engagement initiatives and more. From community improvement programs, to holiday fundraisers, concert
sponsorships, and social media contests, our members are actively engaging with readers, advertisers and the general public. 

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