The Big Book of Distributed News

As news media organizations in Pennsylvania continue to expand their digital options, determining the best tools and methods to deliver news digitally increases in priority. In the pages of this book, you will find a summary of valuable information shared by PNA members about their digital initiatives, a series of articles and white papers written by industry partners, the results of a recent PNA digital metrics benchmark study, a glossary of interactive terms and a vendor guide. We genuinely hope this content
provides inspiration and guidance as your organization continues to grow revenue from monetizing digital.  Download this exciting book to learn more, or contact Mary Firestone to request a hard copy.

Thank you to the many members who have shared their digital benchmarks with us. To add your information to the next benchmark study, please contact Matt Caylor by email,, or phone, 717-703-3040.

​Download the Book

Big Book fo Distributed News
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