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Promote the Strengths of NewsMedia Products with Customizable Marketing Sheets

Research continues to show that consumers rely on newspaper media for their news and advertising information.  The PNA has made it easy for you to share these valuable facts and statistics by creating a series of customizable marketing sheets. Browse through our ever-increasing library of promotional materials below to select the pieces that help you tell this important story. 

  • Affluent_Consumers
    PDF, 2.26 MB
    Affluent consumers are a natural target audience for marketers due to their higher buying power and disposable income, and newspapers excel at reaching this desirable audience. Customize this one-sheeter for your use!
  • Baby Boomers - Customizable
    PDF, 1.56 MB
    Baby Boomers have been identified as marketing’s most valuable generation. They are also newspaper enthusiasts! Newspapers reach Baby Boomers, the generation with the most buying power. Customize this one-pager for your use!
  • Community newspapers
    PDF, 1.24 MB
    Newspaper readers rely on their community publications for local news and shopping information. Customize this one-sheeter for your use!
  • Consumers Connect
    PDF, 917.01 KB
    While the manner in which consumers read a newspaper vary from print and online to tablets and smartphones, newspapers in any format are an important vehicle to reach a desirable audience. Customize this one-pager for your use!
  • Co-op Advertising
    PDF, 605.50 KB
  • Effective print ad-custom
    PDF, 1.29 MB
  • Millennials - Customizable
    PDF, 1.99 MB
    Millennials, or those between the ages of 18-34, make up the largest population cohort the U.S. has ever seen, and 75% of Pennsylvania’s Millennials read a print or digital daily or Sunday newspaper each week. Help retailers reach these valuable consumers by customizing this one-pager for your use!
  • Newspaper Inserts
    PDF, 2.50 MB
    In a recent survey conducted by AT Kearney, retailers indicated that they have increased their use of newspaper inserts because they are the best tool for driving store traffic. Customize this one-pager for your use!
  • Newspapers Engaging - PNA
    PDF, 1.64 MB
    Audiences find newspapers the most engaging medium. Recent surveys show that newspapers have the highest overall engagement score of all types of media – making them the optimum choice for successful marketers.
  • Why Newspapers
    PDF, 837.93 KB


Millennials - PNA custom-100815

Consumers Connect

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers - PNA 100915

Newspaper Inserts

Advertising Category-Specific Sell Sheets - Customizable Versions

Share valuable information and research statistics, demonstrating the strength of newspaper advertising, with your clients through customizable sell sheets.  

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