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Promote the Strengths of News Media Products with Customizable Marketing Sheets

Research continues to show that consumers rely on newspaper media for their news and advertising information.  The PNA has made it easy for you to share these valuable facts and statistics by creating a series of customizable marketing sheets. Browse through our ever-increasing library of promotional materials below to select the pieces that help you tell this important story. 

2016-1stQuarter-1_web1st Quarter Sales Opportunities
PDF, 1.40 MB
There are sales opportunities every month. This sheet breaks down the opportunities available in the first quarter months (January through March).

2016FourthQuarter4th Quarter Sales Opportunities
PDF, 2.61 MB
There are sales opportunities every month. This sheet breaks down the opportunities available in the fourth quarter months (October through December). 

AOR-Advertising-InfographicAOR Infographic - Advertising
PDF, 1.1 MB
The results of the 2016 Media & Advertising Use in Pennsylvania study conducted by American Opinion Research found newspapers are the most valuable and  useful source of shopping information – and ads in newspapers result in sales for retailers.

AOR-Consumers-InfographicAOR Infographic - Readership
PDF, 1.2 MB
The results of the 2016 Media & Advertising Use in Pennsylvania study conducted by American Opinion Research found that newspapers are also widely read by adults of all ages and incomes.

PDF, 2.26 MB
Affluent consumers are a natural target audience for marketers due to their higher buying power and disposable income, and newspapers excel at reaching this desirable audience. Customize this one-sheeter for your use!

Baby Boomers - PNA 100915_1Baby Boomers - Customizable
PDF, 1.56 MB
Baby Boomers have been identified as marketing’s most valuable generation. They are also newspaper enthusiasts! Newspapers reach Baby Boomers, the generation with the most buying power. Customize this one-pager for your use!

BabyBoomers_webBaby Boomers - Infographic
PDF, .46 MB
Adults born between the years of 1946 and 1964 control 70 percent of all disposable income in the U.S. Eighty-eight percent of them read a newspaper or visit a newspaper website, each week.

car buyers - PAStatewide_1Car Buyers InfoGraph
ZIP, 13.45 MB
Newspapers, both print and digital, are an effective medium for auto dealers to advertise the newly-released models this fall. Be sure to share this infograph with the local retailers in your area to demonstrate the large number of prospective car buyers that engage with newspaper media.
Community newspapers_1Community newspapers
PDF, 1.24 MB
Newspaper readers rely on their community publications for local news and shopping information. Customize this one-sheeter for your use!

Consumers Connect_1Consumers Connect
PDF, 917.01 KB
While the manner in which consumers read a newspaper vary from print and online to tablets and smartphones, newspapers in any format are an important vehicle to reach a desirable audience. Customize this one-pager for your use!


Co-op Advertising
PDF, 605.50 KB
Cooperative advertising, or co-op advertising, is a partnership between a retailer and a manufacturer to share the cost of advertising, at the local level, to increase product sales.
Coupon Use_1Coupon Use
PDF, 1.43 MB
Newspapers remain the preferred method of distribution. This sheet breaks down coupon use by audience and is a great resource to share with new customers who are interested in adding their coupons to your newspaper!

Effective print ad-custom_1

Effective print ad-custom
PDF, 1.29 MB
Advertising is an investment. Whether your goal is to sell a particular product or increase awareness of your business, it is important that consumers see, and respond to, your message. Use these tips to create the most effective print ads!

GenX_webGen-X- Infographic
PDF, .30 MB
Adults who range in age from their mid-20s to early-50s account for 31 percent of all consumer spending. They are avid newspaper readers, and actively respond to the ads they see.

2016-Holiday-Ad-Flyer-flattened-fillable---102116Holiday Marketing Sheet
Recent research studies have confirmed that advertising in newspapers is ranked as the most valuable and useful.  More than 6 in 10 Pennsylvania consumers make a purchase at least monthly as a result of newspaper advertising, and newspapers have been identified as the ultimate holiday shopping guide for Black Friday information!

market-mavensMarket Mavens
Research has found that women ages 25-54, deemed as "Market Mavens," are today's emerging newspaper readers. They read a print or digital edition most days of the week, and are responsible for making the majority of purchasing decisions for their household. Savvy retailers can reach this desirable audience by advertising regularly in their local newspaper.

Millennials-PNA-100815_webMillennials - Customizable
PDF, 2.04 MB
Millennials, or those between the ages of approximately 18 to 34, are the largest cohort the U.S. has ever seen. They are also avid newspaper readers.


Millennials - Infographic
PDF, .38 MB
Nearly eight in 10 (79%) of Pennsylvania adults, ages 18 to 34, read a newspaper, or visit a newspaper website, each week. Three out of 4 millennials respond and take action from ROP and insert advertising.

Newspaper inserts_1

Newspaper Inserts
PDF, 2.50 MB
In a recent survey conducted by AT Kearney, retailers indicated that they have increased their use of newspaper inserts because they are the best tool for driving store traffic. Customize this one-pager for your use!
Newspapers Engaging_1Newspapers Engaging - PNA
PDF, 1.64 MB
Audiences find newspapers the most engaging medium. Recent surveys show that newspapers have the highest overall engagement score of all types of media – making them the optimum choice for successful marketers.


2017-spring-ad-flyer-imgSpring Marketing Flyer
PDF 8.74 MB
Six in 10 Pennsylvania consumers make a purchase at least monthly as a result of newspaper advertising. This customizable marketing flyer with your advertising clients to help add a little “spring” to their 2017 sales!​

Why Newspapers_Page_1Why Newspapers
PDF, 837.93 KB
The “Why Newspapers” section of the PNA website provides members with marketing tools designed to help increase advertising revenue and audience engagement.




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