Pay It Forward Campaign Details

Could your newspaper benefit from additional advertising revenue? Could it use an image boost? Is it invested in serving its local community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Pay It Forward is for you!

It seems as if all we are hearing about these days are the dark details of a struggling economy and a newspaper industry in despair. We have essentially two choices -- buy into the doomsday forecasts and wait for the worst to happen OR step up to the plate and demonstrate our strength in being the cornerstone of our local community. By participating in the PNA Foundation's Pay It Forward challenge, a successful altruistic program designed to help residents in your circulation area, Pennsylvania newspapers can reinforce their position as the media outlet that best covers and serves the needs of its local community.

Here's how it works. Individual newspapers award a cash prize (determined by each individual paper) to the area resident who submits the most innovative plan to carry out a good deed. Winning ideas from some of the participating newspapers in past campaigns included sending phone cards to soldiers in Iraq, supplying backpacks filled with clothing for children in foster care, making care packages for women and children in a domestic violence shelter and creating a mentor program. The possibilities are as varied as they are endless. Contestants are encouraged to think outside the box and stretch their dollars.

The PNA Foundation will provide your newspaper with an easy-to-download marketing kit, which outlines Pay It Forward step by step. We've done all the thinking for you so that the campaign is nearly effortless on your end.

So what are you waiting for? Generate non-traditional advertising revenue. Attract new advertisers. Enhanced your newspaper's image within your community. Pay It Forward.

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Pay It Forward Video Footage

In its inaugural year, Pay It Forward created quite a positive buzz in newspapers and communities across the state. Check out the video below to get an idea why there was so much excitement about this campaign.

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