In April 2013, released its Jobs Rated report listing the worst jobs of 2013. The newspaper reporter profession was listed as the worst job. Since the article was published, we received a number of responses from our members disputing this claim. Below you will find (in their own words) why reporters, both past and present, love their jobs. To share your story, use the form on the right or send an email to

Blanchard, Scott

Jun 4, 2013, 10:36 AM

Why I love my job
by Scott Blanchard, Sunday Editor, York Daily Record/Sunday News

The job of newspaper reporter often draws the most curious, insightful, courageous, ethical, irreverent, creative, driven and intelligent people around. They’re committed to freedom of speech, to honesty, to fairness, to holding the powerful accountable and to being society’s witnesses to the mundane and the spectacular.

The best ones understand the role that vigorous, independent journalism can play in strengthening communities. They drag problems or corruption into the light, to be addressed and solved. And they leave us with a smile or a tear at the last line of a well-told tale.

What other jobs can say the same?


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