In April 2013, released its Jobs Rated report listing the worst jobs of 2013. The newspaper reporter profession was listed as the worst job. Since the article was published, we received a number of responses from our members disputing this claim. Below you will find (in their own words) why reporters, both past and present, love their jobs. To share your story, use the form on the right or send an email to

Shribman, David 1

Jun 4, 2013, 12:33 PM

Why I love my job
by David M. Shribman, Executive Editor
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and The Pittsburgh Press

Had I been made of sterner stuff--had I possessed the constitution and the temperament of Paul Bunyan rather than the build and outlook (but, sadly, not the talent) of Red Smith--then there is no doubt I would have become a lumberjack, the winner of last year’s dubious derby for worst profession. I love the woods; I own four or five lumberjack shirts and even bought my wife a nightgown in that pattern for Christmas this year, maybe not my shrewdest move ever. Plus I have an appetite like a lumberjack.

Lucky for me there existed, in my time and country, an alternative profession, one where it was also possible to cut big oaks down to size, to chip away at the surface of things and to clear away the debris of events, all in front of a keyboard, where the chances of serious injury--what the lumbermen used to call a "woods accident"--were relatively small.

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